The Prama’s Wellness Center is a place to change and grow from the inside out. Our retreats and coaching programs will give you the tools you need to create more personal peace and better physical health. We’ll help you feel more energy, sleep better and improve your digestion. Our programs can also teach you how to achieve optimum weight. We are here to assist you in taking more charge of your own health and well-being.

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What they’re saying

“My experience at the 10 day yoga and juice detox at The Prama Wellness Center was beyond what I would have imagined possible for an affordable retreat.  Significant guidance and support from TRULY a spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental level were all part of my experience.  I left the retreat with a clearer head, lighter heart, and brighter outlook than I have had in years.  The intimate atmosphere, along with great teachers and like minded other individuals enabled me to open doors to future possibilities for myself that are going to be invaluable in helping me to achieve the future I want and deserve.  “Priceless” to use a cliche.”

– Leighanne K

“My retreat was so much more than expected.  The combination of many types of yoga, daily meditation training, a full nutrition class, and group support was amazing.  I left feeling like a new person.  I am ready to face the world with new eyes.”

-Lindsay C